Winter Meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2016 at the New York Academy of Sciences from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Registration Information:

Please register at the NYAS site.  There is a limited amount of space, and no guarantees of admission if you are unregistered.  Please bring ID on the day of the meeting.  Note that breakfast will NOT be served this year before the start of the Winter Meeting.

Poster Competition:  Call for Abstracts

Submission are invited for a poster competition.  There may be a cap on the total number, so file early!  All posters on site will be judged by a scientific committee, and three or more posters will be selected for special recognition.  For complete poster submission instructions, please send an email to Structural11@nyas.org  with 'Abstract Information' in the subject line.  There is no need to type a message; instructions will be forwarded automatically.  Please call 212.298.8620 with any questions. Deadline for submissions is January 15.


Confirmed Speakers:

Balasubramanian Harish, Princeton University – Carey lab (bharish@princeton.edu)


“Conformational dynamics in E. coli  tryptophan repressor”

David Eliezer, Weill Cornell Medical College (eliezer@med.cornell.edu)


“Structure and function of Complexin: balancing order and disorder in the regulation of neurotransmission”

Andras Fiser, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (andras.fiser@einstein.yu.edu)


“Transcription factor – DNA interactions; robustness in gene networks”

Ruben Gonzalez, Columbia University (rlg2118@columbia.edu)


“Ribosome in motion: the structural dynamics of translation”

Ron Koder, City College of New York (koder@sci.ccny.cuny.edu)


“Ordered and intrinsically disordered protein design using minimal sequence information”

Filippo Mancia, Columbia University (fm123@columbia.edu)


“Structure of a micronutrient transporter”

Moosa Mohammadi, New York University (Moosa.Mohammadi@nyumc.org)


“Two FGF receptor tyrosine kinases share the workload of recruiting and phosphorylating phospholipase gamma”

Smita Patel, Rutgers University (patelss@rwjms.rutgers.edu)


"Coupling helicase and polymerase activities for processive DNA replication"

Stefano Piana-Agostinetti, DE Shaw Research (Piana-Agostinetti@DEShawResearch.com)


“Developing biomolecular force fields for the accurate simulation of both ordered and disordered states”

Betsy Speltz, Yale University – Regan lab (elizabeth.speltz@yale.edu)


“From protein design to biological applications: designed protein-peptide interactions for synthetic biology”

Christopher Warren, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Schecter lab (christopher.warren@phd.einstein.yu.edu)


”Regulated disorder of the nucleoplasmin tail domain controls histone binding and deposition”

Corey Wilson, Yale University (corey.wilson@yale.edu)


“Goldilocks and the Bears – adventures in rational protein design”

Major and Other Sponsors:  We greatly appreciate all our sponsors.



We gratefully acknowledge logistical support from the New York Structural Biology Center, the New York Academy of Sciences, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

This is the 74th  meeting of the group, organized by Barry Honig and John Kuriyan, and continued by Leemor Joshua-Tor, Lawrence Shapiro, David Stokes, Ming Zhou, David Eliezer, David Cowburn and currently convened by David Jeruzalmi, Iban Ubarretxena, and John F. Hunt.


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